Android PCAP Touchscreen ( 22″ | 32″ | 43″ | 50″ | 55″ )

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  • Indoor digital signage
  • Touch Screen solution
  • Free Wall Mount included (set landscape or portrait orientation)
  • Professional Android PCAP touchscreen



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Turn your digital signage into a Windows PC



We can offer installations as well!



Android PCAP Touchscreen with Optional Windows PC

The Android PCAP Touchscreen is the all-in-one solution for all your digital signage needs!

Available in a variety of sizes from 50″ – 22″.


The internal HD Android media player allows content to be uploaded and updated remotely using cloud based digital signage software, or manually using a USB stick and the plug and play feature.


State of the art PCAP (projected capacitive) technology provides the most responsive and sensitive touch experience. A sensor grid is sandwiched between the cover glass and LCD panel, which detects a touch and the co-ordinates of that touch point. PCAP is not affected by dust or debris on the screen, and allows upto 10 touch points.


Along with the glass being tempered, making it more durable, these screens are designed to be used in public areas. The robust but lightweight aluminium enclosure houses a 450nit IPS panel which can be mounted in either landscape or portrait orientation. The commercial grade panel also has the ability to be in constant use 24/7 for over 70,000 hours and has being treated with a special oleophobic coating, to make the glass more resistant to oily residue left by fingerprints.

Ultra Responsive Interactivity
Protective Sleek Enclosure
These deluxe displays are the ultimate solution for interactivity in public spaces. As well as protecting the internal components, the robust aluminium surround and tempered edge-to-edge glass also deliver captivating tablet-like aesthetics for a truly high-end feel.
Toughened Safety Glass
Although the tempered glass face is incredibly tough, in the unlikely event of a breakage the specialised safety glass will shatter into small chunks rather than shards. Not only does this prevent injury, it also protects the LCD panel from damage.
Lightweight Design
With a robust but lightweight aluminium enclosure and moulded polymer rear, these displays are over 30% lighter than their predecessor, allowing for easier installation and maintenance.
Touch Screen Monitor
Connect to an external source, such as a third-party PC or media player, using the built-in USB and HDMI or VGA/3.5mm audio inputs to use the display as touch screen monitor. This increases the versatility of applications that can be run.
Free Wall Mount
A super slim wall mount is included at no extra cost, enabling you to install your screen in either landscape or portrait orientation with a secure and aesthetically-pleasing flush fit to the wall.

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22", 32", 43", 50", 55"


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