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New Interactive ‘Multi Touch’ Tables helps people with ASD through learning 

“Helping to enrich the lives of people living with ASD to ensure that they have a happy, fulfilled life without being isolated”

A new Interactive Experience for people with ASD is being trialed in UK Special schools and hospital wards

Research on the neuropathology of ASD and on the science of play, establishes that people in the later stages of the disease can still experience three primary outcomes of play: sensation, relaxation and reminiscence which can be achieved through Residents interaction with the table.

All interactive digital tables come with pre-installed ASD apps brain training apps and memory apps along with a host of enjoyable games and puzzles. You can also download your own apps or software to the table to enhance enjoyment. The table can be utilized in several different ways as follows:

: ASD and Brain training apps and games
: Collaborative games (multi-user)
: Listening to music
: Keep fit lessons, sing alongs & quizzes
: Watching films and documentaries
: Viewing the internet
: Skype calling
: Staff training

All tables come with a full 3 year on-site warranty and all training is given included in the price –

  • Great for memory learning
  • Cognitive improvement
  • Aid sensory impairment
  • working as a group
  • Digital signage for the setting
  • Encourage the general learning


We will install the below ASD applications
  • Autism Read & Write
  • Jade Autism
  • Autism ABA Teaching Game with Exciting Animations
  • Autism Speech App for Non-Verbals
  • Autism Help
  • SocialSkills for Autism Kloog2
  • Autastico
  • Speech Kids – Teach with Images
  • Autism AI

  • ColorsKit for Everyone-Autism

  • Moving Meditations for kids with autism

To Name a few


• Cable free! Built-in battery pack provides 11 hours charge
• High specification, Full HD, multi-touch, capacitive screen
• Bundled with outstanding software, collated for key stage
• Tiltable and lockable screen for interactive, using and viewing


Operating System: Android

Bluetooth and Wifi enabled

Fast and Responsive: 10 point P-Cap Touch – up to 4 users

Battery pack usage time: 8 hours without the need for charging

USB import capability

Apps can be downloaded

Lockable wheels, completely portable






Interactive touch table
Sharp interactive touch table


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