55″ Hi-Lo Flip Care home Interactive touch table with Android 11.0 and Windows Professional Pc & Battery Pack

£4,395.00 + VAT

  • 55″ touch table screen with G-Touch Display
  • 1000W battery pack included for a complete cable free solution (will run for 8-10 hours and only takes 3-4 hours to fully recharge from empty)
  • With Android 11.0 and Windows PC 10 Pro
  • Electronically controlled height adjustment with manual angle adjustability from horizontal to vertical
  • Webcam with built in Microphone
  • 8GB Memory and 128GB SSD







Secure and Safe
The Interactive Touchscreen has durable and toughened safety glass which can be easily cleaned and will not be damaged.

It can be electronically adjusted by height and angle from horizontal to vertical making access easier for chairs and wheel chairs.

With a lightweight but strong steel structure, the stand has been designed for intense daily use. With the addition of locking brakes, for safety and security, the interactive touchscreen solution is perfect for your facility


The solution come fully loaded with sensory and dementia applications via the built in Android 8 and built in high specification Windows PC. The built-in Windows PC can be used for presentations, Windows based software and anything else you would use your PC for. Android 11.0 provides endless Apps for a huge range of topics, including jigsaws, number games, and even specialist Apps for Dementia, thus helping with cognitive skills including thinking, memory and reasoning.

The Solution comes with a webcam with a built-in microphone for instant video conferencing using Zoom, Skype or other similar solutions.

Multitouch capabilities so more than one person can use the screen at the same time.

Ongoing Support

We offer 5 years onsite Warranty

Direct Telephone Support plus remote technical support via (This lets our engineers log into your touch table and make a fix if needed)

Overview videos: