6430 Lapbank CB 16 Bay Laptop Charging Cabinet

£1,850.00 + VAT

  • 16 Individual Laptop and Chromebook storage bays
  • Lapbank® CB 16 Laptop Charging Cabinet for laptops and Chromebooks up to 15.6″ Laptops.
  • Lockable storage compartment
  • Ultra safe charging system using proprietary electrical management system.
  • Fits Chromebooks and Netbooks up to 15.6″
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 530 × 460 × 1150
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Internal Bay Dimensions: W: 300mm D: 390mm Shelf / 430mm Total compartment depth H: 57mm
  • Warranty: 5 years return to base



6430 Lapbank by Loxit CB 16 Bay Laptop Charging Cabinet with Ultra safe charging system

6430 Lapbank by Loxit  with it’s quality features including 7 lever safe locks used on gun cabinets, anti-jemmy bar design, all welded steel construction, full length piano hinges to doors, heavy duty handles and casters, and a professional charging system which exceeds all safety standards, the Lapbank has a serious reputation.

Part of the furniture

Designed to compliment their environment and not attract attention to their valuable contents, the Lapbank cabinets provide versatile laptop storage with high-tech charging options and world class levels of security.

Easy access

laptop cabinets are used day in, day out, our Lapbank range provide generous shelf sizes for easy access to the devices.

The perfect charge

Using the laptops original transformers guarantees each laptop’s charging profile is perfectly delivered, ensuring optimum charging across the board. This also avoids expensive on-going maintenance costs and warranty issues associated with swapping laptops using managed charging systems.

Power up

Our power strips are professional quality. The cable management kits ensure the delivery of a neat and safe solution

Charge status

The optional charge status indicator provides quick and easy way to check your charge progress and manages power, ensuring longevity, saving money and the environment

Smart design

The specially designed integral ventilation system prevents heat build up whilst the door is closed and your devices are charging.


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