ALLSEE Pushshare Dongle

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  • Multi-Screen Mirroring
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Seamless Integration
  • High Security Protection
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Simple Wireless Mirroring
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ALLSEE Pushshare Dongle

Wireless Mirroring and Collaboration for Corporate Meeting Rooms


Simple Wireless Mirroring

PushShare enables smooth collaboration during meetings by allowing participants to wirelessly mirror their devices to the Interactive Touch Display* for more productive meetings. Once the dongle is connected to your device of choice, a simple push of the button will start wirelessly sharing the device’s display to your Interactive Touch Display* instantly. This simple system suits user behaviour so anyone can use it without the need for any installation or training – maximising the return on your investment.


Universal Compatibility

Bring Your Own Device! PushShare enables users connect wirelessly to their Interactive Touch Display* in seconds using any device that can output a HDMI signal, such as Windows or Mac laptop or PC. This truly is a fully agnostic solution.


Seamless Integration

The PushShare dongle and Interactive Touch Display* have been designed in conjunction with one another for ultimate collaboration. The receiver hardware and software that the dongle communicates with is already integrated into your Interactive Touch Display*.


High Security Protection

The connection between the PushShare dongle and your Interactive Touch Display* is fully password protected. PushShare is able to be seamlessly integrated into any IT network as it uses the hotspot network created by the Interactive Touch Display*. Users can be sure that their mirroring is protected and secure between the devices.


Cost Effective Solution

As a budget friendly meeting room solution, PushShare is essential for businesses. With only a dongle needed to improve collaboration and efficiency during meetings and presentations, the cost effectiveness cannot be compared.


Multi-Screen Mirroring

With multiple PushShare dongles up to four separate devices can connect to the same Interactive Touch Displays* simultaneously (or nine when using the Receiving Unit). This is ideal for collaborative meetings that also require interactivity.



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