CB Secure Pass Visitor Management System

£2,695.00 + VAT

Visitor Management System


Touchscreen Monitor / Webcam and Support.

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Visitor Management System


Visitor Management System

Product Description

‘CBSecurepass simplifies the process of signing in visitors, whilst replacing traditional

paper based visitor books often found on most reception desks in schools, colleges

and universities. Once the visitor has electronically signed in, a pass with a photo

of the person will be printed. The captured visitor information will be stored on a

secure database and intergrates with SIMS if required.

The package includes:

• CBSecurepass Visitor Management Console

• Touch Screen Monitor and Web Cam

• Staff Time Tracking

• Lateness Notification

• Child Collection

• Group Tracking

• Fire Evacuation and Emergency List

• Staff Notification

• Events Management

• Fully Encrypted Database

• Easy Signing In and Out

• Access Control Systems

Ongoing support


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