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Fine pitch 165″ LED Video Wall Solution

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1.90 pixel pitch, all-in-one fine pitch LED video wall solution, full HD resolution (16:9), built in Android PC, wireless mirroring, adjustable brightness (100-600cd/m²) and easy installation.


led fine pitch
Powerful Meeting Room Presentation Display
Designed with mid- to large-sized meeting rooms in mind, these video walls will revolutionise your meetings. Featuring wireless mirroring and file sharing, easy-access front ports for connecting laptops, remote video conferencing, and multi-window splicing, they are the ultimate presentation displays.
led fine pitch image quality
Super Fine HD Pixel Pitch
Optimised for close viewing distances, all of the models in this range have a full high definition resolution thanks to their ultra-high pixel density. This, combined with the seamless nature of Direct View LED technology, makes them the ultimate presentation displays.
led fine pitch all in one
All-in-One Design
Combining the best LED technology on the market with a built-in Android PC, these video walls provide a fully integrated solution for most applications without the need for messy cables or additional hardware.
led fine true blacks
True Black
Achieve true black and vibrant colours thanks to state-of-the-art SMD LED technology and an ultra-high 5,000:1 contrast ratio. Wow attendees by delivering a truly captivating viewing experience with a remarkable 160° viewing angle.
led fine pitch installation
Effortless Installation
Unlike other Direct View LED solutions, this display comes as a complete out-of-the-box solution that is fully colour-calibrated. This, along with the compact, lightweight design, makes it incredibly easy to assemble and install.
led fine pitch maintenance
Easy Front Maintenance
These video walls can be serviced from the front of the display by quickly and efficiently removing the LED modules, giving ultimate ease of maintenance.


Front Ports

Easy Access Front Ports/Controls

Seamless Video Wall

Seamless Video Wall


Built in Android PC

wireless mirroring

Wireless Mirroring

quick easy installation

Quick and Easy Install

Lightweight Design

Lightweight Design

High Definition

Full High Definition 1080p


Wide Viewing Angle

Adjustable Backlight

Adjustable Backlight

front service

Front Serviceability

floor stand

Optional Floor Stand

Lifetime Technical Support

Lifetime Technical Support

Three Year Warranty

3-Year Warranty


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