G-Touch 55” (Type 15 – Deluxe) (With 10-Point Touch)

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The G-Touch 55″ Deluxe is a popular choice for classroom’s which have slightly larger wall space and comes with built-in Android.

  • High Definition
  • Built-in Android
  • 10-point Touch
  • Commercial Panel for Daily Use
  • Anti-glare/Anti-friction Surface
  • Multimedia USB
  • Infrared Touchscreen Technology
  • Built-in Front Facing Speakers
  • Integrated PC options available
  • Huge range of compatible software


 G-Touch Standard / Classic / Deluxe / Ultra include our Interactive screen software bundle
10-point touch technology means that students are able to interact directly on the screen at the same time, allowing them to take part multi-user tasks at the front of the classroom.
High Definition Touchscreen Display

The G-Touch Classroom range of Touchscreens provide teachers with the latest interactive touchscreen technology and are designed to empower presentations and lessons.

All G-Touch screens come with anti-glare surfaces which eliminates the need to switch off lights or draw the curtains, unlike traditional interactive whiteboards and projectors.

Built in PC Options
G-Touch interactive touchscreens are designed with the option of adding a purpose built PC (i3, i5 or i7) utilising a simple ‘slide-in’ OPS slot. Once in situ, both the PC unit and touchscreen are controlled by a single power switch at the front of the screen.

The OPS slot (open pluggable specification) enables users to upgrade their touchscreen, and help to future-proof their investment. Genee PC units are also interchangeable with other G-Touch devices.

Huge range of Connectivity
G-Touch models offer an enormous range of connectivity enabling users to connect computers, visualisers, cameras and other third-party devices directly to the screen and then switch freely between different video sources. Using the multimedia USB port, you can play images, music, movies and text files without the need to have a PC.

Tough and Enduring
G-Touch screens are built to last and benefit from the most robust commercial grade panels available.

Designed specifically for constant use with a screen life of 50,000 hours, at 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, means you can expect a life-span of over 15 years. The nifty Economy Mode means you can increase life expectancy up to 80,000 hours, while reducing running costs.

4mm toughened glass protects the screen from all kinds of objects, ensuring that no damage or ripple-effects can occur. The 5 year UK Genee Warranty also provides you with the assurance that your investment will last.

Complete Classroom Software
Every G-Touch touchscreen within the Classroom Range is supplied with Genee’s unique Classroom Software including LEARN Infiniti Suite and Project Flow Classroom Management.
Our software titles have been designed specifically with teachers in mind, and offer an enormous array of presentation opportunities.

Here’s what’s included…

LEARN Infiniti Suite

SPARK Infiniti is a whiteboard software that offers unprecedented opportunities for teachers who want to make the most of their lessons and presentations. With an infinite canvas area, lessons are no longer restricted to a selection of slides, and presentations can be as big as your imagination.
The ability to drag-and-drop invigorating lesson content such as video streams, websites, high resolution images and live classroom presentations via the Visualiser input, offer a wealth of lesson opportunities.

SPARK’s interactive, lesson specific tools, background canvases and resources allow teachers to create engaging lessons to inspire student interaction, and the possibilities for content are infinite!


Genee Explorer is designed to work seamlessly with SPARK Infiniti, Genee Explorer, provides a databank of 12,000 bespoke animations and images, each designed for different subject areas, as part of a Secondary school’s structure. Teachers have never had access to so many educational images and animations to use within lesson time.
With a built-in Search Engine, teachers have easy access to a variety of imagery for their lessons. From exploring the cause of earthquakes for Geography, identifying the formation of Atoms for Physics, or the body’s respiration system for Biology; Genee Explorer has thousands of visual aids and supporting content for teachers.
Explore a world of animation and bring your lessons to life!


ClassComm is a bespoke assessment software toolfrom Genee that will run on any machine or platform. Designed to allow formative and summative assessment, it works with any of the Genee response handsets and Virtual G-Pad, by simply installing a receiver app on the local machine.

Perfect for teachers looking to interact with students and gauge lesson success levels, ClassComm allows students to answer questions using their own hand held device, or one of Genee’s bespoke Audience Response Solutions.

Questions and information slides can be created directly inside Class Comm, using its powerful content editor and a number of templates which are then stored and shared in an online customisable databank.

Tests and exams can be set up to be completed ‘On or Offline ’within a specified time frame. All data is captured instantly and then reported via charts and graphs and stored along with the class data on the cloud. Choose between ClassComm5 or ClassComm Cloud


CubeShare is a browser based, canvas sharing software product. It allows for collaboration amongst participants who can be in the same location or anywhere in the world.

All that is needed is a good quality internet connection. The basic concept is that a Presenter will create a meeting in Cube Share and invite participants to attend via a URL web link. Participants can attend the meeting via web browser on any platform or by downloading an app on their tablet/mobile device. Once in the meeting, the presenter and all logged in participants will be able to see the same canvas and collaborate via annotation and sharing documents/images.



In addition to LEARN Infiniti, G-Touch Classroom models also come with Genee’s bespoke Classroom Management software Project Flow.

Project Flow makes it faster and easier to extend instructional content of all kinds in a multi-device learning environment. Using a cross-platform interface teachers can limit lesson interruption and preserve student focus.

With just two taps, teachers can grab anything from their workspace, and which students receive which content on their own device. Within three taps, you are up and teaching with complete control of the classroom. Sharing content with individuals, groups, the full class, or even remote locations allows teachers to devise interactive learning activities and benefit from collaborative participation.
Along with third party resources such as video, documents, worksheets and imagery, Project Flow incorporates its own resource management facility and allows teachers to create bespoke polls, quizzes and other group activities.

The unique web lock facility ensures students do not stray away from the subject matter, and attendance monitoring provides an overview of all activity within the session. The nifty ‘eyes up’ locking function also helps classrooms to focus on the main lesson presentation.


Backlight LED
Display Area
Active Screen Size 55″
Display Ratio 16:9
Resolution 1920*1080Pixel
Display Colors 8bit
Brightness 380cd/m2
Contrast 4000:1
Response Time 8ms
Video System / Audio System PAL/NTSC/SECAM
AV Inputs / Outputs Front Side: HDMI in *1 , USB for touch *1 , USB for media player *1, USB for PC *2 ( 2.0*1; 3.0*1),MIC*1 Rear,side : USB for media player *1, USB for touch*1, HDMI in *2, VGA,in,*1,,Audio in *1, AV in *1,YPBPR/YCBCr/audio IN*1, AV out *1, Audio,out,*1 , RS232*1
Speaker Output Power 15Wx2
Multimedia File Formats Support Image: JPEG, BMP, PNG Video: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H264, RM, RMVB, MOV, MJPEG, VC1, Divx, FLV(Support 1080P HD Decoding) Audio: WMA, MP3, M4A, (AAC)
3D Display NO
Power Consumption Maximum <220W Eco Mode ≤110W Standby Mode ≤0.5W
Working Voltage AC 100-240V,50/60HzAC 100-240V,50/60HzAC 100-240V,50/60Hz
Touch Surface Anti- Glare (optional)
Touch Sensor IR
HID support HID
Touch Points 10 Points Touch
Writing Tools Pen or Finger
Touch Resolution 32767*32767
Scan Speed 8ms
Cursor Speed 125Points/s
Positioning Accuracy 1mm
Communication Interface USB
Transmission Range 5m
Storage Temperature/Humidity -20℃~60℃/10%~90%
Working Temperature/Humidity 0℃-50℃/10%~90%
Mounting (optional) Wall-mounted/Stand
Outline Dimension 1658*1004*99mm
Packing Dimension 1816*275*1118mm
Net Weight 50
Gross Weight 64
Wifi AP NO
With Express Key Model : TWB-I70A
Hot key define Manual , Source, Eco mode,VGA, HDMI, Volume + , Volume – , OPS power
Android system 2core 1.2GHz
Intelligent light detector yes
Intelligent thermo protector YES
Speaker position Forward
OPS Slot yes
Lan Control TBD
Android Software YES
Input Resource Preview YES
support Wifi Printer YES
Screen Mirror YES
on screen annotation YES
gadgets (ex. Calendar) YES
Whiteboard YES
Word/PPT/PDF/Excel Viewer YES


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