Hero Nursery touch table 32″

£3,995.00 £2,750.00 + VAT

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Nursery touch table

Click HERE for the carehome and dementia touch table Options

Interactive 10 point touch

Loads of education apps and software included

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32″ Tilting touch Table
3 years warranty
Free onsite demonstration

Dual Platform Built-in PC with Windows and Android functionality, PCAP panel.


Hero Nursery touch table

Click HERE for the carehome and dementia touch table Options

The AT1 provides the perfect solution for nursery schools and reception classrooms. Built with early learners in mind, this unique touch table is designed to offer a host of user options. Fully tiltable, the AT1 can be used in any position you like, and is available in both 32″ and 42″ versions.

Perfect for presentations or videos when vertical, or as a collaborative Activity Table in one simple movement. Activity Tables are built with the very latest PCAP touchscreen technology, and include a built-in PC providing dual Windows and Android functionality.

Tis Table comes with Yellow Door Apps fully installed.


The Apps we install are..

 YD0125 2 550x550 300x300  YD0123 2 550x550 300x300  YD0121 2 550x550 300x300  YD0128 2 550x550 300x300  YD0129 2 345x345 300x300


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40″ Nursery touch table
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