Iiyama 19 inch Touch Screen PLT1931SAW-B1

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  • 1280 x 1024
  • 900:1 Contrast Ratio with Touch Panel
  • 230 cd/m² Brightness with Touch Panel
  • 5ms Respnse Time
  • VGA(D-Sub) | DVI-D | USB | RS-232C
  • Integrated Speakers

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The ProLite T1931SAW-1 uses highly accurate Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Technology (SAW) with a pure-glass scratch resistive front, offering superior image clarity and screen durability. The screen can be touched with a soft stylus, finger or gloved hand making it suitable for a number of applications, and the robust design and solid but flexible stand ensures resilience in the most demanding environment. Menu Buttons are located on the side of the screen which can be locked to prevent tampering, and include a handy function to deactivate the Touch Screen for cleaning . The iiyama Prolite T1931SAW-1 Touch Screen is ideal for a wide range of applications including Point of Sale, Kiosks, Hospitality and Entertainment, Control rooms, Education, Training and many others.


Surface acoustic wave uses ultrasonic waves that pass over the panel. When the panel is touched, a portion of the wave is absorbed and a touch event is registered. Because the screen is covered with a glass layer this technology offers great picture performance (high contrast and colour accuracy). It is also scratch-resistant technology and therefore ideal for use in Public Places or Schools. Even if the screen is scratched, the touch function remains unaffected. Surface Acoustic Touch screens are activated with finger or a soft stylus touch.

iiyama ProLite T1931SAW 19"


The IP Code classifies how resistant a device is to foreign objects and moisture. IP54 means that the monitor will operate in dusty conditions, and will resist splashing water.


For greater flexibility this monitor supports touchscreen connectivity with either USB or RS-232 interfaces.


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