LapCabby 10V – 10 Vertical Laptop Store and Charging Trolley

£939.00 + VAT


LAPCABBY10V 10 laptops or chromebooks up to 19”
LAP10V 10 Port Laptop Trolley Vertical Storage


LapCabby 10V

Choose your colour  from  Blue – Gray – Orange and Purple on all Lapcabby products

  • Innovative laptop storage cabinet designed to charge and store 10 laptops vertically (up to 19”)
  • Perfect for use in ICT suites where laptops need to stored securely
  • All 10 laptops will charge at the same time
  • Ergonomic design with rubber corner bumpers to give protection to the unit and shock absorption for the laptops inside
  • Energy saving power management with adjustable 7 day timer which can utilise Economy 7 (Safety certificate with electrical components rated to British & European Standards)
  • Energy saving power supply has a sequential switching facility to avoid overload to schools circuit breakers
  • Specifically designed and tested air venting system to keep laptops cool while the unit is locked and the laptops are charging
  • Soft rubber grips cushion and protect laptops when in storage
  • L shaped doors and pull out shelves provide easy and clear access to laptop storage compartments
  • Separate compartment with rear facing door allows easy access to the individual AC adaptors
  • Simple cable storage system keeps cables compact, neat and tidy
  • Secure locking featuring dual point locking mechanism
  • Dual point locking system operated from the top of the unit to avoid keys being broken
  • Hidden door release to separate electrical compartment for child safety
  • Also available in 16V and 20V models

LapCabby 10V

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Dimensions mm
Width 616
Depth 703
Height 1115
Weight 83kg


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