NewLine Lyra Pro

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Introducing the Android 13 EDLA Certified Sound System – where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled audio quality. Immerse yourself in a sonic experience like never before, backed by the prestigious EDLA certification. Elevate your audio journey with Android 13’s high-quality sound system, delivering crystal-clear clarity and deep bass. Explore the epitome of audio excellence and redefine your listening standards today.




Lyra Pro is the powerful, secure & safe solution with Android 13 for next-gen classrooms! EDLA certified with Google Workspace built-in fit for all industries



The completely renewed Interactive Ecosystem is full of software, tools and apps to help teachers teach, in their own style. That’s why the Newline Ecosystem works with any other software, document or device and covers all your interactive classroom needs.


The Ultimate Interactive Display

Inspire students to actively engage in learning with the Newline Lyra Pro, a high-performance interactive display solution with native Google EDLA Certification. Seamless integration with Google Apps enhances instruction by providing easy access to Google Classroom, Google Drive, and other Google applications

Certified Google Integration

Google EDLA (Enterprise Device Licensing Agreement) certification ensures compatibility and optimal performance with Google applications and services. Users can collaborate in real time, edit documents, and share ideas effortlessly.

Plug & Play USB-C

Starting a lesson is effortless with the Lyra Pro plug-and-play design. Simply connect your laptop through the convenient USB Type-C cable, and class can begin. Plus, the Lyra Pro Series will keep your laptop charged with 65 Watts of power.

Powerful Android 13 OS

Powered by the latest and most advanced Android 13 operating system, the Lyra Pro is highly customizable, allowing for tailored user profiles.

Better Connectivity with Wi-Fi 6

The built-in Wi-Fi 6 module provides secure connectivity for up to 30 devices, making it a breeze to connect and collaborate.

User Profiles

User profiles help eliminate the hassle of device and user switching. Setup a profile just for teacher access and all their apps. Create a profile for a team that exclusively uses certain tools. Customize the settings and theme for each user. The possibilities are infinite!

Up to 40 Points of Touch

Save time and effort with a feature that understands your writing gestures. The Lyra Pro supports up to 40 points of touch and Object Recognition that can differentiate between fingers, pens and palms to react as a marker, thin pen or eraser. All of this to make for a smoother and more natural writing experience.

An Audio-Visual Odyssey

The Lyra Pro revolutionizes the educational experience, offering an immersive audio-visual journey. Whether you’re seated in the front row or the back, the 4K display ensures crystal-clear images with a wide 178° viewing angle. Its integrated 20W speakers ensure every student can hear clearly.

Superior Connection

Newline’s Lyra Pro brings to you smart connectivity through diverse ports and wireless compatibility. The diversity in connection ports provide great options for all types of devices, making the interactive display more accessible to all users. Ports located on the front and the back of the panel make it easy to use the panel in any mounting situation.

Upgradable Camera Module

Be UC-ready in a flash by adding the ultra-high-definition Newline 4K ModCam+ to your Lyra Pro display. Featuring two built-in microphones, the ModCam+ picks up clear, high-quality sound without the need for separate mic array.

Fully Manageable

Use Newline Display Management to remotely manage the Lyra Pro from the comfort your desk. Deploy and install apps, configure display settings, and push updates without communicating back and forth. Take over the screen to perform technical support tasks without limits. Broadcast mass messages, have remote control, and access data usage with a few clicks from a secure web portal.
Seamless integration that maintains full functionality with all platforms:




Powerful sound system to support various activities on the interactive display:

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