Prowise Touchscreen Ultra EDLA Certified

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A state-of-the-art interactive whiteboard of the latest generation and with components of the highest quality.The Ultra Prowise touchscreen features Android 13.0, 64GB storage, and 8GB memory, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience for versatile applications.


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Prowise Touchscreen Ultra

A state-of-the-art interactive whiteboard with an unbeatable writing sensation.

A touchscreen of the highest level

Optimal writing, watching and listening in the classroom? You can do that with the Prowise Touchscreen Ultra. The interactive whiteboard every teacher deserves.


Prefer to work with Google?

Did you know our touchscreens are Google EDLA certified? This means you can easily adapt the integrated operating system to that of Google. This way, you can seamlessly use your familiar Google programs, apps, and tools, as well as access the complete Google Play Store™.

Google EDLA
You just need to log into your Google account, and all your favorite Google apps are at your disposal.
If you work on your personal device with the same account, you’ll fi nd your work immediately on
the desktop of your Prowise touchscreen.


The most natural writing experience

As easy to use as the Prowise Touchscreen Ten, but with an even better writing experience: on the Prowise Touchscreen Ultra you can write and draw like never before.

  • Pen and finger glide effortlessly across the screen, similar to your tablet or mobile phone
  • Pens with 2 writing points without batteries
  • Effortlessly use your traditional measuring tools such as a compass, ruler or set square


  • Large viewing angle and beautiful design

    A thin, flat-topped edge gives your interactive whiteboard an ultra-modern look. And thanks to the 178° viewing angle, every student can perfectly see what appears on the screen.

  • Enjoy the very best writing experience that feels like pen on paper. Thanks to the perfect brightness, viewing angle and light, you always have a good overview of what you are noting down.

  • The on-glass touch buttons on the left and right of the glass panel allow the teacher quick access to the 3 main tools to control the screen (Home, Menu, Direct Writing). Always close, no matter which side of the screen you are on.


    Perfect image for the whole class

    Even if you sit diagonally in front of the screen or at the very back of the classroom, thanks to innovative bonding technology, optimal light reflection and 4K picture quality, you never have to look twice.

    Room-filling sound

    “Teacher, can you play that again?” Statements like this are a thing of the past with the 2.1 soundbar and subwoofer, fully integrated into the screen. Every sound instantly fills the whole room!


    The latest generation with the best quality

    We are constantly talking to schools to further tailor our products to the needs of both teacher and student. Prowise’s latest touchscreen is therefore at an unbeatable level.


    Everything to start the lesson quickly

    Once your touchscreen is in place, you can start using it immediately. The Prowise Central operating system gives teachers all the basic tools they need: whiteboard software, a lightning-fast web browser, an app store with (only) secure apps… Can it be something more? Compile the most insane lessons in Prowise Presenter or expand the possibilities with our other educational software.

    No more searching for the right cable

    The built-in docking station has an all-in-one USB-C connection for picture, sound, touch, internet and power. Thanks to this 100-watt connection, you can easily charge even the most powerful notebooks.

    But feel free to also work wirelessly and screencast up to four screens at once. Would you also like to control them on the big board? Then share them via the app Prowise Reflect (up to 10 screens simultaneously).

    7-year warranty

    At Prowise, you can count on these things: everything is developed in-house, both software and hardware. As a result, we can offer you a 7-year warranty by default. And rest assured, your screen will stay up-to-date automatically (and for free) for 5 years with Prowise Central.

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55", 65", 75", 86"


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