RA Casio XJ-V, XJ-F & XJ S400 Series Dedicated Projector Mount.

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This mount is manufactured as a direct fit product for the following Casio Projectors. XJ-V1-UJ * XJ-V2-UJ * XJ-V100W-UJ * XJ-V10X-UJ * XJ-V110W-UJ * XJ-F10X-UJ * XJ-F20XN-UJ * XJ-F210WN-UJ * XJ-F100W-UJ. Also suitable for all models of the Casio XJ-S400 Superior Series Projector.

The design of our mount incorportates an additional 77mm of zoom (throw distance) adjustment in addition to the zoom lens of the projector itself. It also has 115mm of lateral zoom adjustment (side to side) to enable simple replacement of many exisiting projectors with a Left, Right or Centre lens position with no need to reposition the 50mm mounting pole and 30 degrees of swivel adjustment too.

The 50mm sleeve fixing also allows the projector to be positioned in a horizontal or vertical projection position.

Colour coded White and Grey powder coating with bolt kit for attaching projector.


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