RA Media Mate ECO Riser V2 Medium Size Stealth Base Upgrade

£290.52 + VAT



Our Stealth Base Upgrade (medium size) available as on optional extra for our Media Mate ECO Riser V2.

This base upgrade enables this riser to be used as a Free Standing Height Adjustable Solution with no fixings to the floor or wall for support. Its design comfortably supports the weight & sizes of screen specified for the riser meaning the riser & screen can be positioned free standing anywhere on a solid flat floor & easily re-located if required. Ideal for environments with under-floor heating or floors than cannot be drilled or are not suitable as a mounting point. The shape of our Stealth Base also allows easy access for less abled users in wheel chairs & has chamfered edges to reduce chance of trip hazard.

Images above show the optional Stealth Base Upgrade with riser fitted.


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