RA Power Lift Wall Riser for UST Projectors & IWB

RA PL WR. Gen 4 Wall Riser

Please contact us directly for your pricing on this product.



Please contact us directly for your pricing on this product.

Height Adjustable Wall Riser for most Ultra Short Throw Projectors & Interactive Whiteboard combinations. Also ideal for use with Interactive UST Projectors combined with a conventional Dry Wipe Board. Designed to direct most of the weight towards the floor rather than the wall once installed, for use in environments when the walls are not suitable to support all the weight of a riser product. Wall Strap Brackets are also included as are Floor Anchor Bolts & all bolts & washers required to install the IWB & Projector onto the riser body. We can also supply extended Wall Strap Brackets to enable installation infront of a Network Trunking or Dado Rail already fitted to the wall.

Popular IWB & Projector manufacturers include, Smart, Promethean, Hitachi, Sahara, NEC, Epson, Sanyo, Panasonic & many more.

This Riser is manufactured to accept your choice of IWB & UST Projector please confirm makes & models at point of order.

Features inclue:- 3 metres of connection flex, Mounting Rails for IWB, Flexible Conjuit with “Up & Down” Surface Mounted Control Box and Anti Collision Feature included as of Feb 2016.

An Audio Solution incorporating Stereo Speakers is available as an optional extra (RA-PL-MOB-Audio).

Power Lift Operation is smooth, quiet & very progressive with factory programmable upper & lower stop positions, to avoid conflict with low ceilings etc.


The standard height setting for this product is 2.6 metres from floor level to upper most point. Should you have any specific ceiling height requirements lower than 2.6 metres, please make us aware of this requirement at point of order so we can programme the lower height settings for you.

With a 77 inch IWB fitted, the base of the board will be approximately 400mm from floor level in its lowest position. For other sized boards please contact us directly for measurements.

Finished in Durable Powder Coat Finish.


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