RA Slimline Boom Mounting Set 2.8m

£162.95 + VAT


RA Boom Slimline 2.8m

This Universal Wall Mount Kit is designed for wall mounting most projectors. The 50mm pole is simply cut to the exact required length of throw distance & bolted into the sleeve on the wall plate with the bolts supplied. All connection cables can then be routed through the centre of the pole from the projector, to ensure a very neat & tidy installation. The short end of the pole is ready with holes drilled to accept any of our products with 50mm Sleeve Fixings to a maximum weight of 10kg

A 1.5 Metre version of this product is also available. RA-Boom-Slimline 1.5m.

Dimension of Boom Wall Plate 350mm high x 200mm wide.

Supports 10kg Maximum.

RA – Catenery Wire Set recommended for use with this product if pole is longer than 1.5 metres, for added safety & support.

Finished in durable White, Black or Grey Powder Coating.


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