RA Smart Unifi 45 Retro Fit Projector Mount Kit

£192.00 + VAT



This is our Retro Fit Short Throw Projector Mount Kit which enables the existing Smart Unifi 45 Projector fitted to the Smart 600i2 System with a 77 Inch Smart IWB, to be removed from its Smart Boom Arm & replaced with an alternative Short Throw Projector. The kit enables a Short Throw Projector with Left, Right or Centre Lens position to be used & also allows Zoom, Tilt, Pan & Lateral position adjustment of the projector to ensure optimum image quality. This kit allows the replacement projector to project directly onto the IWB surface meaning the original Mirror Device is not required & replaced with a cover / panel supplied.

The kit comes with full instructions on how to remove the existing projector & fit the replacement. All bolts washers & fixings required are included in the kit. Maximum weight of repalcement projector should not exceed 5kg.


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