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Futurevisuals.co.uk and Sharp come together to offer the Sharp interactive touch table range.

We are a direct partner of Sharp which offers our customers great extended support we offer a extended warranty and a price match guarantee.

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Options Include

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ASD HI-LO interactive touch table HERE

Fixed height interactive touch table HERE


KS1 edition

Primary school Interactive touch table


• A powerful EYFS/KS1 teaching tool for game-based learning
• High specification, Full HD, multi-touch, capacitive screen
• Bundled with outstanding software, collated for key stage
• Tiltable and lockable screen for interactive, using and viewing


Sharp’s BIG PAD Interactive Table is the perfect mobile activity board for Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 classrooms. The robust and durable table uses the latest 10 point touch technology to allow a number of children to draw and mark make directly onto the screen, using either their hand or finger.

The Interactive Table is powered by a built-in battery pack, simply charge and unplug to use throughout the day, eliminating trip hazards and maximising mobility. The table can be easily tilted and locked into position, allowing children to interact together around the table on learning apps, games or puzzles.

Alternatively, the table can be tilted further to 68 degrees before  being locked into place to enable children to use it more comfortably whilst sitting to watch videos and cartoons or if they are playing on their own.

Pre-installed content and sensory apps are suitable for individual or group activities, encouraging children to socialise, learn, share and communicate. The table can be securely connected directly to the internet via the Wi-Fi feature or linked to another wireless or Bluetooth device, such as a printer to share children’s activities and creativity with friends and family.

WWW.Futurevisuals.co.uk also adds all the below Yellow door learning Software FOC



School interactive touch table



Interactive touch table
Nursery interactive touch table
Primary school Interactive touch table
School interactive touch table
32″ interactive touch table
40″ Nursery touch table
education interactive touch table
Sharp interactive touch table


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