6740 Lapbank TL Laptop Charging Trolley for 20 x Laptops

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6740 Lapbank TL Laptop Charging Trolley for 20 x Laptops


6740 Lapbank overview:

High quality top loading steel laptop charging trolley for up to 20 x 15.6 inch laptops.

Provides excellent manouvrability with a small footprint in a highly engineered laptop charging trolley solution.

The Lapbank TL is designed to be perfect for users of all heights and the solid grab handles ensure this trolley is very easy to move.

An all steel body construction incorporates features developed over 20 years of designing and manufacturing laptop charging trolley. These include natural ventilation, 4 x twin heavy duty lockable easy roll casters for reliable easy roll operation.

The laptop charging includes our ultra safe laptop trolley charging kit with individual plug sockets with soft start and surge protection, mains conditioner and anti-backwash device.

The laptops are stored vertically within foam cushined compartments for device protection.



With its highly refined design, the Lapbank TL 20 retains many of the hallmarks of original highly respected Lapbank range, whilst introducing it’s own new features to the tried and tested design.

The Lapbank TL 20 is a highly engineered, extremely strong and durable, yet lightweight laptop charging trolley.

The top loading feature provides very easy access to the devices all at the same height, providing a generous cushioned storage measuring 300mm x 400mm x 40mm.

Extremely durable, lightweight and maneuverable laptop storage.

High strength – all steel construction with strong and reliable Assa Abloy locks.

Ultra safe charging – RCD protected mains input lead is easily replaceable should it become damaged and is located underneath the storage compatment to ensure the electrical connections are not vulnerable to damage on the outside of the trolley when being moved.

Our soft start, surge protection, mains conditioner and anti-backwash device provides ultra safe charging. Power distribution strips are double insulated and come with cable management kits for an easy to install, neat and reliable solution.

Uses the original laptop chargers, meaning if a device is replaced or upgraded expensive call out charges are avoided, with no on-going maintenance costs or warranty issues associated with swapping laptops using managed charging systems.

Clever naturally ventilated design means no heat build up and no energy hungry cooling fans.

Substantial trolley base with easy roll swiveling and individually locking wheels are robust, designed to last.

Low centre of gravity and strong grab handles ensure excellent stability and manouvrability when being moved.



Fully ventilated individual shelves – no heat build up on the top shelf.

Grommet plugs capture the cables as they pass through the body relieving any pressure from the plug or socket.

Networking compatible.



The Lapbank TL Laptop Charging Trolley for 20 x Laptops has a 5 year warranty.

This is a return to base warranty. If outside the U.K. please contact your local partner/service centre.


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